Privacy Policy (Or, Why do I have to allow Full Access?)

When you install Emoji Keyboard, you are asked to select “Allow Full Access” for the Emoji Keyboard. Apple has designed its platform this way: All third-party keyboards like ours need “Allow Full Access” turned on in order to function.

Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we want you to know that Emoji Keyboard will never collect any personal information or transmit anything you type over any network.

The message that Apple posts about “Allow Full Access” is a bit foreboding — okay, downright scary — but we can assure that we simply use that access in order to be able to copy emoji to your clipboard and then paste them into a text field. That’s it!¬†Your keyboard does not send any user data back to Emoji Keyboard, nor is your device or keyboard given any sort of unique identifier, nor is what you type being tracked or recorded in any way.